Beyond the Laser

Welcome to LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic. As leaders in the noninvasive weightloss community, we are committed to guiding your journey in losing those unwanted inches. We work with Aria Integrative Health to provide you with a suite of weight loss techniques.



Patients will begin their procedure with a 5-7 day intensive bowel cleanse. Your bowel is the primary way waste leaves your body. When it is not working efficiently, fecal waste is stored, becoming dehydrated and compacted in your colon. Eventually this poisonous waste is reabsorbed by your body. Patients suffering from minor-major constipation will not see significant inch loss. ZERONA® is most effective when the patient is able to pass their fat in a natural way. By starting with an intestinal cleanse, we eliminate any future roadblocks and flush out thousands of toxins.


Lipo-Gen is a supplement which enables the liver to process fat out of your body. It provides the body with the most important nutrients in fat metabolism. These vitamins, herbs, and acids support bile flow and healthy liver function. The liver is the main processing house for fat. Patients are asked to not consume alcohol or caffeine prior and during their treatment, because they stop our liver from processing fat. Lipo-Gen helps to ensure that our liver is functioning at its highest level.


At LoHi Lipo Laser, we take the “food combining” approach to nutrition. Rather than completely eliminating a food source, we start by studying your individual needs. We like to think of stomachs as a beaker in science class. Alkaline proteins like fish, eggs, or nuts need an acid to help digest. If your beaker isn’t neutralized, it begins to ferment and rot. A lifetime of starches and proteins won’t digest and eventually causes health problems.


Lipo-Burn uses Advantra Z (citrus aurantium) to increase metabolism without affecting heart rate or blood pressure. Taking Advantra Z in a responsible manner poses no health risks, helping you lose weight in a natural manner. Each capsule contains:

Garcinia Combogia 60%

lowers the formation of LDL and triglicerides; inhibits the synthesis of lipids and fatty acids; suppresses appetite by promoting synthesis of glycogen and signalling the brain that enough food has been eaten; contains significant amounts of Vitamin C, and can be used as a heart tonic; is an effective agent against lipids, body fat, and cholesterol.


is a thyroid tonic and a rich source of iodine; if this critical element is lacking in the diet, the deficiency may lead to thyroid malfunction, causing an underactive (or overactive) thyroid gland. Kelp nourishes the thyroid gland and so maintains healthy metabolism and glandular function.

Citrus Aurantium Extract

increases metabolic rate, suppresses appetite, increases caloric expenditures, burns fat, promotes weight loss,provides energy boost, the main active compound is synephrine which stimulates specific adrenergic receptors (beta-3, but not beta-1, beta-2 or alpha-1) it is believed this is how it stimulates fat metabolism without causing the negative side effects.

Gurana Seed Extract

tonic, stimulant, increases mental alertness, improves stamina, increases endurance, reduces fatigue, provides nourishment to the adrenal glands necessary for making hormones.

Kola Nut Berries

helps to metabolize free fatty acids, stimulates long lean muscles, strengthens nervous system, vasodilator and heart tonic, mild diuretic, increases energy.

Green Tea Extract

combats mental fatigue, contains polyphenols which stabilize blood lipids and help lower cholesterol, antioxidant

Guar Gum

shown to have the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, triglycerides levels, and low density lipoproteins in the blood; useful in the treatment of diabetes, also binds with toxins so they can be removed.