Real LoHi Lipo Laser Patient Reviews & Stories


Over the years, I have struggled with meeting my goal weight, let alone maintaining it and not gaining every pound back. After exhausting this cycle one too many times, I began my search in finding a permanent solution where I could both see fast results to keep myself motivated and gain the knowledge I need to make a lifestyle change. Although I was skeptical, fearing Zerona might just be another quick-fix or gimmick, I gave it a shot and going to Lohi Lipo Laser ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made.

After completing my treatments at Lohi Lipo Laser, I left with the tools to continue my new-found healthy lifestyle, a new set of goals, and left over 18” and over 25 lbs in my past! These results were beyond anything I could have ever imagined I would achieve, and still to this day, the numbers amaze me; if I had lost half what I did while working with Lohi Lipo Laser, I still would have been thrilled. But more than anything, I left feeling happy and healthy! I woke up with more and more energy everyday and finally felt good about what I was seeing in the mirror… What more could I ask for? I went on to compete at Miss Colorado USA feeling more confident than I have ever felt in my life!

While my results were enough of a reward themselves, the part of my journey I enjoyed the most was being able to simply take some time for myself a few times a week to just relax in the Lohi Lipo Laser office, which is more like a spa than anything. Far too often we get too caught up in the stress of the week to just take a deep breath, so the time I had to just relax, listen to the peaceful music, sip on some cucumber water and focus on myself for once was truly a treat. The team at Lohi Lipo Laser is the best of the best and what they do and how they treat their patients is completely different than anywhere else where you are nothing more than a dollar sign. They truly care about you and your progress and will do anything to help you achieve your goals. They provide you with a diet and exercise plan, physical therapist, supplement schedules, all the information you need, but most of all the encouragement to stay on track through the process and into your future. This group of people truly cares about their patients and their health. I was routinely measured and told my progress along the way. Being able to see on paper that the numbers were getting smaller, gave me a new found confidence in myself each time to keep going! Since completing my treatments, I have not been able to stop telling people about my experience. Lohi Lipo Laser has truly changed my life and given me a new perspective of myself and exactly how much I am capable of. My results and my continued journey to meet my goals would never have been possible without the huge kick start, encouragement and knowledge I was given from the team. I recommend to anyone who is in need of a great support system and who is ready to commit to achieving their goals to go to Lohi Lipo Laser and begin their new,
healthier life!
Heidi Hume Denver, CO


I was working out all the time but still feeling fat and lethargic. I lost 10 inches and 6.8 pounds and feel amazing. I have more incentive to keep on working out because of these amazing results!!I would recommend this to everyone who is looking for those tough to reach spots and needs that boost to keep going. I also had blood-work done and my cholesterol dropped 65 points and my triglycerides dropped 170 points. My good cholesterol went up another 47 points! So, not only do I feel great- I got super healthy in the meantime. I also sprained my ankle during treatments (not at the clinic) and the Zerona laser helped me heal up in a week compared to most sprains that take 3-4 weeks. You have nothing to lose but fat and “bad” blood.

J.P. (Female 51 yrs) Black Hawk, CO


When I started with LoHi, I was so frustrated with trying to lose weight I didn’t know what to do. I liked how they incorporated the detox to start and a good healthy menu plan along with the laser. I have now lost a total of 24 inches all over and 22 pounds. This has given me the confidence to continue a healthy way of eating and I am able to workout with more energy. I was so concerned with my health because I had high blood pressure which was 150 over 98 back in December and now it is 120 over 80.I haven’t felt this good for over five years and now I am able to get into clothes I haven’t worn in several years. This has been a great journey and I am so happy with how I look and feel.

C.W. (Female 53 yrs) Littleton, CO


I live in Ft. Collins and researched a lot of places, and LoHi Lipo Laser is by far the best. Everyone is so welcoming, and truly care about you and your weight-loss journey. They helped me completely change my whole way of eating, and I have learned so much from them. You feel like you are at a spa every time you walk in. I would recommend LoHi Lipo Laser to anyone. I absolutely love them and will carry my experience and what I’ve learned with me for the rest of my life!! My results are amazing!! I’m so happy and can say I actually live a healthy life! More than 10 inches and 7.8 pounds lost and still losing! Thank you so much, LoHi Lipo Laser for everything!! You guys are the greatest!!!
Zerona Laser and Infrared Sauna Package 9 treatments:G.A. (Female 21 yrs) Ft. Collins, CO


“WOW! I’ve lost 14.25 inches, and 15 pounds, and still losing! LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic and Zerona were just the incentives that I needed to help jump start a new me! By just using the easy to follow food and exercise guidelines, walking daily with my dogs, drinking water, and of course, the incredible Zerona Laser, I was able to make it through the holidays with no gains, only losses from 12 treatments, and now working on more loss- my friends keep saying “Wow! You look good! What have you been doing?” I am really looking forward to enjoying the upcoming spring and summer with the new smaller me! Thanks to the great, friendly, and truly caring staff I have been motivated, encouraged, and cheered on; and most importantly, have gone from a size 18-20 pants to a hot 13-14, and moving on down to get to a sassy 10-12 soon! YES! You should check it out! It really works! Thanks LoHi Lipo Laser!”C.L. (Female 58 yrs) Frasier, CO


“Turning 30, I noticed my metabolism slow way down. Finishing the year with an extra 12lbs, I was willing to try just about anything. As a full time nurse and student, my food intake was poor, my hydration was lacking and my addiction to diet soda was causing more harm than I realized. I was plagued with migraine headaches, acid reflux and insomnia. Little did I know LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic was going to help me in more ways than one.Upon entering the office, immediately I was hit with serenity and positive energy. The staff is warm and inviting and made the decision to try the laser treatments an easy one. The laser treatments caused absolutely no pain and along with the additional supplements, I saw results after only three treatments. Finishing my six sessions of laser treatments, I lost a total of 6.5 inches and four weeks later, I am still seeing fat loss. My clothes fit better, I have more confidence and my energy level has increased.

Not only did I notice fat loss in my thighs, my waist and my hips, but since I began the work with LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic, I have not had a single headache, my sleep has improved by 95%, my acid reflux is nonexistent and my love of diet soda is a thing of the past. The staff at LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic teaches you a healthier way of eating and exercising which leads to a healthier, better way to live. I now drink 6-8 bottles of water a day, exercise daily and I’m constantly assessing the nutritional value of my meals. Not to mention the fact I feel great and have a lot more energy.

I would recommend LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic to any of my friends and family and will have no problem bragging about their treatment plans to anyone interested. The treatments work and if you are willing to make a positive change in your lifestyle, you will be well on your way to a healthier you”

B.B., RN (Female 31 yrs) Highlands Ranch, CO


“Excellent business, awesome concept. I’ve been losing weight since September and plateaued. After receiving laser and sauna treatments for three weeks I was back on track getting tons of verbal confirmations. The environment was warm, inviting, and relaxing. The staff is super awesome, knowledgeable and accommodating. After each treatment I feel great and am excited for the next one! Thank you LoHi Lipo Laser!”J.S. (Male 33 yrs) Denver, CO


“I completed my Zerona Laser treatments 7 weeks ago at LoHi Lipo Laser and wanted to provide feedback to anyone contemplating this process. LoHi Lipo Laser offers not only Zerona laser treatments, but a full spectrum, life style change, utilizing herbs, sauna, diet changes and the Zerona laser.First and foremost I wanted to say that the staff at LoHi Lipo Laser is incredible to work with. Everyone I worked with was friendly, knowledgeable, kind, and eager to answer any questions I had. They were flexible in working with my schedule which was extremely helpful in me being able to complete the 9 sessions in the required amount of time at the times that I could manage with my hectic schedule.

My main goal was to smooth the skin on my thighs from a process I had done 7 years ago called Mesotherapy. For anyone who is not familiar with Mesotherapy, it is a process where injections of soy and amino acids are injected into fatty areas to dissolve the fat and re-conture the specific area (my goal with doing Mesotherapy was to lose my thigh side saddle bags). The problem with Mesotherapy is that the results are inconsistent, and the injections can migrate to other areas as well as having the ability to damage the actual dermis. Although the process does dissolve fat, it can and frequently does, damage the skin and dissolves fat in an inconsistent manner. It is an expensive process and is quite painful. (I’d never do it again).

After I went through the required multiple injections and followed all the procedures that had been outlined to me, I was left with terrible dimpling on my thighs that I never had before. I was told by the doctor that did the process that these lumps and bumps would dissipate in time (he never took “after” photos and I am sure the reason was because of these terrible dimples that I was left with). They never did dissipate. For years, I sought help from several dermatologists, massage therapists and endermologists to get rid of the damage that was done to my legs from the injections.

I did over 45 sessions of endermology (the process of deep tissue massage with a machine) to no avail.
I was still left with the terrible indents in my thighs from the injections of the formulas that were used in the Mesotherapy process.
I did multiple cleansing diets, took herbs, vitamins, drank lots of water, and continued to work out on a daily basis. I lead a healthy life style and have for the past 20 years. Nothing changed the lumps and bumps I was left with from the Mesotherapy treatments.

I then turned to laser treatments, at the suggestion of several dermatologists. After researching the various laser treatments available I decided to use the Zerona laser treatment. I opted for the 9 treatment package offered by LoHi Lipo Laser and I am pleased to say that these lumps and bumps have been minimized with the Zerona treatment. The other benefit that I noticed was that the actual skin tone on my thighs, buttock and abdomen greatly improved. My skin is tighter and more toned! I would highly recommend this process and LoHi Lipo Laser to anyone who is interested managing their health through herbs, diet, sauna and the Zerona laser. LoHi Lipo Laser offers a comprehensive plan in not only weight and inch reduction but also internal cleansing . This process is fantastic! Thank you!!”

J.F. (Female 55 yrs) Denver, CO


“My personal experience with laser treatment was absolutely amazing! The option of having surgery to lose weight and extra inches is not a risk worth taking. I was thrilled to have another “non-surgical” way of losing stubborn belly fat. Not to mention the expense is so much less with zero recovery time! What was surprising to me was how much I was educated regarding the process and how it works. The owners and staff at LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic sincerely care about your wellbeing with much encouragement to reach your goal and maintain it. The environment is that of a spa. Soothing and relaxing as you lay comfortably under the laser. It is completely private and I can’t mention enough just how wonderful the staff is. Very friendly, caring and easygoing, they welcome you like family. What a pleasant way to lose weight. Especially with it being so affordable and fun! I highly recommend it.”
Zerona Laser and Sauna Package 12 treatmentsJ.H. (Female 47 yrs) Aurora, CO


“I couldn’t ask for a nicer, very professional staff with fantastic support and guidance. I had so much energy and relaxation after each treatment. I just felt great! Thank you all so much!”
Zerona Laser and Sauna Package 9 treatments: Lost 5 lbs. and 7.5 inchesN.R. (Female 57 yrs) Arvada, CO


“Wow! I could only say what a pleasure it is to have visited the fine people at LoHi that I have met and the procedure worked out awesome with the program. I thought I knew a lot about dieting and eating correctly, but I learned and applied so much more throughout this experience. I love the staff. Thanks to Colleen, Dr. Simpson, Nick and Stephanie. Such a friendly, and happy experience. DON’T PASS IT UP!”
Zerona Laser and Sauna Package 12 treatments: Lost 14 inches and 14.2 lbsR.W. (Male 44 yrs) Strasburg, CO


“I have tried for years to lose unwanted inches. From diets to exercise etc. I struggled to lose in specific areas on my legs and lower stomach. I am thrilled at the results of the Zerona laser. I feel skinny! Like I did when I was 16 years old!!
Zerona Laser and Sauna Package 9 treatments: Lost 10 inches and 10 lbsS.B. (Female 33 yrs) Highlands Ranch, CO


“I had a total of 12 treatments and noticed the inches off and weight loss. I am on the road to losing more inches and pounds. This was a good kick start to my weight loss plan. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who needs to lose weight and inches safely. Thanks for your help and support. Everyone is great and friendly. Thank You!”
Zerona Laser and Sauna Package 9 treatments: Lost 9 inches and 9.4 lbs.C.W. (Male 59 yrs) Elizabeth, CO


“The moment I walked into the center, I was treated with total respect. Nick and Colleen provided me with all the information regarding the procedure and how to take the vitamins and provided the necessary tools to be successful. Love the sassy water and the cook book. Colleen was wonderful and you are fortunate to have her on your team.”
Zerona Laser and Sauna Package 9 treatments: Lost 6.5 inches and 5 lbs.L.Mc. (Female 63 yrs) Denver, CO