Zerona® Testimonials

  • “I have tried for years to lose unwanted inches. From diets to exercise etc. I struggled to lose in specific areas on my legs and lower stomach. I am thrilled at the results of the Zerona laser. I feel skinny! Like I did when I was 16 years old!!
    Zerona Laser and Sauna Package 9 treatments: Lost 10 inches and 10 lbsS.B.

    (Female 33 yrs) Highlands Ranch, CO

  • “Wow! I could only say what a pleasure it is to have visited the fine people at LoHi that I have met and the procedure worked out awesome with the program. I thought I knew a lot about dieting and eating correctly, but I learned and applied so much more throughout this experience. I love the staff. Thanks to Colleen, Dr. Simpson, Nick and Stephanie. Such a friendly, and happy experience. DON’T PASS IT UP!”
    Zerona Laser and Sauna Package 12 treatments: Lost 14 inches and 14.2 lbsR.W.

    (Male 44 yrs) Strasburg, CO

  • “I couldn’t ask for a nicer, very professional staff with fantastic support and guidance. I had so much energy and relaxation after each treatment. I just felt great! Thank you all so much!”
    Zerona Laser and Sauna Package 9 treatments: Lost 5 lbs. and 7.5 inches

    N.R. (Female 57 yrs) Arvada, CO

  • “Excellent business, awesome concept. I’ve been losing weight since September and plateaued. After receiving laser and sauna treatments for three weeks I was back on track getting tons of verbal confirmations. The environment was warm, inviting, and relaxing. The staff is super awesome, knowledgeable and accommodating. After each treatment I feel great and am excited for the next one! Thank you LoHi Lipo Laser!”

    J.S. (Male 33 yrs) Denver, CO

  • I live in Ft. Collins and researched a lot of places, and LoHi Lipo Laser is by far the best. Everyone is so welcoming, and truly care about you and your weight-loss journey. They helped me completely change my whole way of eating, and I have learned so much from them. You feel like you are at a spa every time you walk in. I would recommend LoHi Lipo Laser to anyone. I absolutely love them and will carry my experience and what I’ve learned with me for the rest of my life!! My results are amazing!! I’m so happy and can say I actually live a healthy life! More than 10 inches and 7.8 pounds lost and still losing! Thank you so much, LoHi Lipo Laser for everything!! You guys are the greatest!!!
    Zerona Laser and Infrared Sauna Package 9 treatments.

    G.A. (Female 21 yrs) Ft. Collins, CO