MostBet bonus Azərbaycandan olan müştərilər üçün bukmeyker sədaqət proqramı

MostBet Azərbaycan MostBet AZ rəsmi veb saytı üzrə qeydiyyatdan keçmək İçindəkilər Mostbet-də qeydiyyat və platformada avtorizasiya Mostbet bonusları Mostbet-in yeni səfiri – azərbaycanlı MMA döyüşçüsü Nəriman Abbasov olacaq MostBet bukmeyker şirkəti ölkəmzidə niyə bloklanmır? Mostbet Azerbaycan haqqında MostBet Azərbaycan üzrə fəaliyyəti Features of the Mostbet app on PC Mostbet-in üstünlükləri MostBet saytında necə qeydiyyatdan keçmək […]

How red light therapy may help safely shed inches fast


It’s so easy to get in the habit of weighing ourselves to gauge our overall physical health. But did you know that weight is not always an accurate way to determine body composition?  Our weight fluctuates daily depending on our hormones, physical activity, dietary habits, metabolic changes and stress. Frequent visits to your scale may […]

Emsculpt: Today’s most functional body contouring option

Emsculpt functional body contouring

What does functional body contouring mean?  Generally speaking, people visit Lohi Lipo Laser with the intention of using non-invasive means to improve their appearance. SculpSure, for example, is the most effective device to destroy stubborn fat pockets on the abdomen, legs, bra line, and under the chin. But what SculpSure, Coolsculpting, and many other devices […]

Coolsculpting vs SculpSure: Which is a better option for you?

Coolsculpting vs Sculpsure

On a daily basis, our team receives this question: Is Coolsculpting or Sculpsure a better option for me? We love to educate our clients on this topic, as we understand just how challenging it can be to weed through the conflicting information online.  We are experts in the world of non-invasive body contouring options. In […]

Light therapy: an effective non-invasive body sculpting option

Lightpod for weight loss

Here at Lohi Lipo Laser, we dedicate our lives to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. We also understand more than most just how difficult and frustrating it can be to get that stubborn weight off. Thankfully, non-invasive body contouring technology has become so advanced, most no longer feel the need to turn […]

Top 4 non-invasive body sculpting options in 2020

non-invasive body sculpting

Non-invasive body contouring options are a hot topic in today’s society. As technology continues to advance in this field, less people are choosing to go under the knife to remove unwanted fat. Now, people can permanently destroy stubborn fat during their lunch break with minimal to no discomfort or downtime.  With that being said, not […]

7 foods to eat when living with chronic inflammation

Healthy salad

Do you struggle with chronic aches and pains? Do you have frequent headaches? What about regular GI discomfort? All of these issues have one thing in common, inflammation.  In 2000, 125 million Americans were living with health conditions associated with chronic inflammation. Experts anticipate this number to steadily increase over the next 30 years.  What […]