Keeping in line with our goal to provide innovative health solutions, LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic now offers NovoTHOR Lightpod treatments. This incredible technology applies red light therapy to reduce oxidative stress and heal tissue. This is known as Photobiomodulation Therapy, or PBM Therapy for short. One of the best aspects of this technology is that it’s non-invasive and completely safe. Restore your body with the numerous benefits that the NovoTHOR has to offer.

Benefits of the NovoTHOR Lightpod

The primary function of the NovoThor Lightpod is to reduce oxidative stress. But what is oxidative stress? Oxidative stress is defined as an imbalance of your free radicals and your antioxidants in your body. If your body doesn’t produce enough antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals, it fosters an environment conducive to oxidative stress. This leads to an array of degenerative conditions and inflammatory diseases. The NovoThor Lightpod utilizes clinically tested wavelengths, power densities, and dosages of red light therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. In addition to these benefits, patients have reported improved sleep, weight loss benefits, increased strength and mood, reduction of chronic pain and faster injury recovery times.

How Treatment is Administered

Clients who undergo NovoTHOR Lightpod treatment will set up a number of treatment sessions based on the severity of their needs. You enter the Lightpod for 8-15 minute treatments. As you lie in the Lightpod, you can just relax and let the system do its work. Clients have often testified to significant results after several sessions. There are also no side effects due to the non-invasive, non-toxic nature of the treatment. The technology allows you to go about your normal activities unfettered and gives you a noticeably gradual improvement in your symptoms. Clients who have been frustrated with more typical methods, such as medications and surgeries, have found the NovoTHOR Lightpod to be their solution. If you’re frustrated with your current treatments, try giving Lightpod therapy a try. You’ll be surprised at how effective it can be. 

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LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic is happy to offer this innovative technology to our patients. We make sure to utilize only the safest non-invasive technologies to improve the appearance and overall health of our patients. In addition to the NovoThor Lightpod, we offer noninvasive laser lipo treatments, SunLighten sauna sessions, and more. Improve your health and start living your life the way you want to. Contact LoHi Lipo Laser Clinic today or view our website for more information.