Missy Sturges bio

Missy Sturges

Office Manager

Missy Sturges is the Office Manager at Aria Integrative Health. Her passion for health and wellness was forged by her personal battle with an autoimmune disease. Although her journey to wellness took several years and was met with countless challenges along the way, Missy gained the skills to successfully manage her autoimmune condition holistically. This experience ultimately fueled Missy’s passion for integrative health.

Missy obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition, and dedicated four years after college as the Executive Director of a non-profit where she focused on empowering the public to take a proactive approach to their health.

Missy was introduced to Aria Integrative Health after moving to Denver from California in 2018. She feels lucky to witness the positive effects the Aria team has on people’s lives on a daily basis. Missy is responsible for strategic planning, program implementation, front office management, and website administration.