Kiki Emenogu

Front Office Admin & Laser Technician

Kiki first developed an interest in alternative/integrative medicine after living with back pain from several spinal fusion surgeries & being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Seeking a natural way to resolve pain, she discovered acupuncture & herbal medicine. She found immediate relief and decided to study Chinese medicine under two knowledgeable Acupuncturists assisting in cupping & laser acupuncture treatments. 

Kiki’s new found passion for alternative medicine and laser therapy led her to Aria where she performs multi-faceted laser treatments. Kiki attended the University of Denver where she studied Biology and has extensive training from the University of Colorado & Denver Health Hospital as an EMT & IV Therapist. IV Therapy replenishes nutrients, boosts immunity, improves energy, accelerates detoxification & fosters rehydration. Kiki looks forward to bringing IV Nutrition Therapy to Aria soon.