Are you ready to take action to reduce the appearance of frustrating cellulite? Z-Wave offers an effective, non-invasive means to safely smoothen the skin.

Cellulite At A Glance

Do you struggle with troublesome cellulite? If so, you are far from alone. Both men and women may develop cellulite in their lifetime. However, its significantly more prevalent in women, affecting up to 85 – 97% of the female population. Cellulite does not pose any clinical concerns, though it is a common cause of discomfort and poor self image.

Why Are Women More Prone To Cellulite?

Our connective tissue keeps our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin healthy. Interestingly, in men, our connective tissue runs in a diagonal, criss-cross pattern, whereas women’s connective tissue runs in a vertical pattern. 

This difference increases women’s risk of fat cells sneaking in between the connective tissue fibers to create dimpling of the skin.

What Causes Cellulite?

There are three primary causes of cellulite:

  1. Facial adhesions: Our facia is made up of connective tissue that lies between our skin and muscles. However, when a soft tissue injury takes place, for example, our facia may actually adhere to our skin or muscles, causing dimpling of the skin.
  2. Poor lymphatic drainage: Our lymphatic system exists in our body to detoxify the body. However, unlike our circulatory system, it does not flow continuously. In order to effectively drain toxins and waste from the body, our lymphatic system requires exercise, elevating your internal body temperature, or through mechanical manipulation. However, when we live a sedentary lifestyle, have poor dietary habits, or are under a lot of stress, our lymph system can become congested. This leads to a swelling of fat cells, and thereby cellulite.
  3. Skin laxity: As we age, our collagen and elastin fibers begin to breakdown. This causes a thining and weakening of the structural integrity of our skin and connective tissue. Ultimately, this allows fat cells to protrude through the connective tissue fibers, giving the appearance of cellulite.

What Is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a unique device that transmits sound waves to targeted tissue through the use of electromagnetic technology. This stimulates lymphatic drainage breaks up facial adhesions, and increases blood circulation to the affected area.

This procedure is  FDA approved for non-invasive treatment of cellulite. In addition, Z-wave may benefit those with a range of musculoskeletal issues, and expedite healing time from sports injuries. 

Z-Wave is painless, with most comparing its sensation to a percussion massage. Treatments only take about 5 minutes per area, and there is no downtime.

When Will I See Results?

Because z-wave is so effective at stimulating lymphatic drainage, people begin to see results immediately. With that said, several treatments are required to resolve facial adhesions beneath the skin, and the final results are seen after 12 weeks. Generally, cellulite appearance decreases by one full grade after completing their treatment series.

Am I A Candidate For Z-Wave?

Z-wave treatments are safe, effective, and well tolerated. With that said, because cellulite is a complex aesthetic issue, we recommend scheduling your complimentary consultation with our Wellness Director to determine if this is the ideal treatment for you.


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