Patient Stories

I'm a bit of a skeptic but decided to give this a try. They offer a full experience-meaning other places give you a pill to lose weight or offer only dietary advice. This place provides everything-dietary advice, counseling, cleanse program, hormone balancing as well as SculpSure and light pod services. Eating healthy, of course, will help you lose weight. But the Sculpsure and Light Pods accelerate the process and help you lose in the right places, which for me is (was!) my muffin top. I'm very happy with the results and the environment/service is top notch. A couple of times I had to reschedule and it was always accommodated with a smile. Highly recommend for weight loss!
Michelle A.
San Fransisco, CA
Lohi Lipo Laser is a great place to go to get help in transforming your body! Whether you have a few smaller areas you'd like to focus on, or are looking for whole body solutions, LoHi Lipo Laser is the place to go! They offer varied services and packages to meet individual needs. Each staff member is very friendly and knowledgeable and more than happy to help in any way. They are all very positive and encouraging and offer a lot of options and information about how to meet your body and health goals. Additionally, LoHi Lipo Laser offers many products to aide in your weight loss and inch loss goals. I highly recommend calling for a consultation right away!
Joy B.
Denver, CO
I have this review on Aria's page and need to share on Lohi's page as well! Update- I am now an additional 10 lbs down from this original post in April/May! Lohi Lipo Laser helped me achieve my goals in a way I could not have accomplished without their support! Call them NOW! I really could not be more grateful for the services that Aria and Lohi Lipo Laser provides. I decided at the end of 2016 to lose my excess weight once and for all, and 3 months, 39 lbs and 30(!) inches later.... What crazy results after an 8 week treatment program at Aria! I can't imagine having these kind of numbers if I were trying to do a program by myself. All I wanted when I was at that weight was to have it just melt off of me, and that is what happened with the help from Lohi Lipo Laser. Left is after years of eating crap, not exercising, drinking and smoking like there wasn't a consequence. Right is less than 90 days of 3x/wk red light pod and sauna sessions, HIIT hour long runs 3x/wk, and a paleo-esque food diet. I can't believe that's me. I never thought I'd get to a size that large, and I literally never want to go back there. With the team at Aria, I never will. I'm continuing on a less intensive version of my diet until I reach my desired weight and with maintenance treatments down from 3x/wk to 1x/wk I have lost another 10 lbs, bringing my total weight loss to 50 lbs since January! I have identified food allergies and I now have the daily routine to successful, happy, healthy living. If you feel like you've been stuck or trapped within an ailment or weight gain I could not recommend another clinic higher than Aria Integrative Health. If you do the daily work, the treatments will give you the results you've been waiting for!
Merrye B.
Denver, CO
I have tried several diets and have never been able to loose this amount of weight in 6 weeks. This gave me an amazing jump start to loosing weight and gave me the direction I need to get started. I'm overly excited about my results and plan on keeping up with it!
Brandy L.
Denver, CO
Great facility and people.They care about ensuring you have a good experience and outcome. They have a full range of services, most recently I've used their light pod. Was pleasantly surprised at it how well it worked and it's long-term affects. I'll be going back!
Mo. L
Denver, CO
Lohi Lipo Laser Clinic takes a comprehensive approach to treating their patients. This clinic is unique in that they design a custom program for each patient depending on his or her needs. While undergoing state of the art fat loss treatments, each patient is counselled on how to live a healthy yet enjoyable lifestyle that will yield long-term results. Being a personal trainer, I am well aware of the benefits as well as the limitations of exercise and nutrition. I witnessed my boyfriend undergo treatments at this clinic and was amazed at how quickly he saw results. Within 6 weeks, he lost over 30 pounds and 20 inches throughout his body! in the the last several months he has kept the weight off without any major diet changes or extreme exercise. I am thrilled with his success! Although he is finished with his treatment regimen, I know that he is always welcome back at Lohi Lipo Laser and Aria Integrative Health.
Haley C.
Denver, CO

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