Meet The Owners

Nick Tvrdik

Owner & Wellnes Director

Nick Tvrdik is the Founder and Wellness Director of LoHi Lipo Laser. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing, and is the owner, Business Development, Marketing and Wellness Director of LoHi Lipo Laser. 

Nick ensures LoHi’s vision is being met, provides strategic leadership of daily operations, maintains lasting relationships with partners, colleagues and clients and promotes all our organization has to offer corporations and their employees.

Beyond his role in business operations and development, it is Nick’s personal mission to ensure all our client’s wellness goals are achieved, no matter how large or small. Nick’s empathetic nature, combined with his expansive knowledge of all of the resources LoHi Lipo Laser has to offer, enables him to develop customized wellness programs tailored to our patient’s specific needs and budget. In short, Nick is driven to help people optimize their health and quality of life by providing devices with state of the art technology and a dedicated team of well-educated, certified practitioners. 

Stephanie Tvrdik

Co-Owner & CEO

Stephanie is the Co-Founder, Director of Operations, and Financial Director of LoHi Lipo Laser. She is in charge of the company’s financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting, as well as ensuring LoHi Lipo Laser’s vision is being met. (Full Bio pending)

Dr. Jake Simpson

Co-Owner & Chiropractor

Dr. Jake Simpson is our clinic Chiropractor. Throughout his youth, Dr. Simpson was immersed in athletics which eventually spurred his passion and intrigue into optimal human performance and function. This passion is what led him to obtain a degree in Sports Medicine and Chiropractic. Dr. Simpson’s focus is on the ENTIRE musculoskeletal system, thus evaluating and treating the muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, capsules, etc. Through his knowledge and the list of therapeutic modalities used, Dr. Simpson has set himself apart from other chiropractors that just simply adjust the spine.

Dr. Simpson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College. As a senior intern Dr. Simpson did his clinical rotation at the Kansas City Veterans Affairs hospital. That experience helped him to expand his knowledge in a multidisciplinary healthcare setting. His post-graduate education includes courses in functional medicine, nutrition, and biomechanics.