Meet Our Staff

Bridgette Berrier

Assistant Office Manager

Bridgette is the Assistant Office Manager at Lohi Lipo Laser. Prior to joining the team back in 2014, she spent about 10 years working in a variety of medical and wellness settings. Bridgette truly enjoys connecting with others, helping guide them to the healing they are seeking, and being a part of a team that works together to bring a holistic approach to well-being for everyone who walks through the door. 

She is currently sharing her time between supporting the Lohi team and earning her Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Bridgette is always so moved by those she meets within the environment that Lohi has created, and is equally as inspired by all the employees she is able to share time with when at the office. Bridgette is happy to help with our client’s journeys in any way that she can.  

Jaci Salley

Patient Coordinator
Holistic Nutritionist

The world of nutrition, supplementation and diet planning is daunting one.  Jaci likes to bring her clients back to basics.  She believes eating whole foods, proper supplementation and micro-nutrients specific to each client’s needs is an easy, doable approach to sustainable health and wellness through nutrition.   

Proper nutrition is not only essential to optimal health and wellness, but essential to proper disease management.  Jaci is an expert in the nutritional management of gastrointestinal distress, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, diabetes and food sensitivities.  And, being an avid athlete herself she can work with athletes of any kind. 

Jaci has access and expertise on many different testing modalities from blood tests, to BioResonance and genetic testing for food allergies and sensitives.  She also works closely with a variety of healthcare care professionals to form a healing team that address the needs of the whole person when necessary.   There really will be NO rock left unturned with Jaci managing your nutritional needs.   

Julie Borghi

Front Desk Admin
Lead Laser Technician

Bio coming soon!

Kiki Emenogu

Front Desk Admin
Laser Technician

Kiki first developed an interest in alternative/integrative medicine after living with back pain from several spinal fusion surgeries & being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Seeking a natural way to resolve pain, she discovered acupuncture & herbal medicine. She found immediate relief and decided to study Chinese medicine under two knowledgeable Acupuncturists assisting in cupping & laser acupuncture treatments.

Kiki’s new found passion for alternative medicine and laser therapy led her to Lohi where she is our assists our medical team and performs multi-faceted laser treatments. Kiki attended the University of Denver where she studied Biology and has extensive training from the University of Colorado & Denver Health Hospital as an EMT & IV Therapist. IV Therapy replenishes nutrients, boosts immunity, improves energy, accelerates detoxification & fosters rehydration. Kiki looks forward to bringing IV Nutrition Therapy to Lohi soon.

Natalie Cummins

Front Desk Admin
Laser Technician

Natalie is a Front Office Admin as well as a Certified Laser Technician. She is also currently studying Marketing at MSU Denver, and can’t wait to connect her marketing skills with the wellness and health industry. Being a people person and concerned for the world around her, Natalie found Lohi Lipo Laser. This ultimately fueled her passion wellness in the world! 

Her favorite part of her job is the opportunity to help people feel more confident, healthy and happy! She loves getting up and interacting with all of our patients everyday. She feels that she is blessed to have the opportunity to connect with patients, and help shape a healthier and happier world. Natalie’s favorite saying is, “Your wealth is your health!”  

As a Denver native, Natalie loves spending her free time outdoors.

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