The 4 most effective treatments for cellulite

cellulite treatment

Do you have troublesome dimpling of the skin on your legs, abs, glutes, or arms? If so, you are not alone. Both men and women may develop cellulite in their lifetime. However, it’s incredibly common among women, affecting between 80% – 90% of the female population.

Cellulite is a complicated aesthetic issue, and it can be difficult to resolve on your own. There are a variety of tricks and tools to treat cellulite on the market, and most of them don’t work. As experts in the field of body contouring and cellulite reduction, we’re here to highlight the four most effective treatment options for cellulite. 


This device is likely the most effective treatment option for cellulite. That’s because it addresses the most challenging cause of cellulite to treat: collagen breakdown. 

Over time, collagen fibers begin to degrade as a natural part of life. However, this laxity can enable fat to protrude between the connective tissue layers. 

That’s where TempSure comes in. This device is FDA approved for non-invasive skin tightening and cellulite treatment. TempSure stimulates collagen regeneration through a technology called high frequency RF at low temperatures. It also uses a specialized massage head to stimulate lymphatic drainage during the treatment.

TempSure is non-invasive and safe for all skin types. There is no downtime, and treatments generally take between 30-60 minutes to complete. Although results can start to be seen immediately, the full treatment effect takes approximately 12 weeks to allow collagen proper time to rebuild.


Z-Wave is another highly effective cellulite treatment. This device addresses two of the three causes of cellulite: fascial adhesions and poor lymphatic drainage. 

Our fascia is composed of connective tissue. This provides a flexible structure between our muscles and skin. However, when our muscles become tight or injured, circulation is diminished. This causes our fascia to lose its elasticity, enabling fat to protrude through our connective tissue and bulge beneath the skin.

Z-Wave is FDA approved for non-invasive treatment of cellulite. It utilizes electromagnetic technology to transmit sound waves to the targeted area. This breaks up fascial adhesions, increases blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. 

Z-wave treatments are painless, there is zero downtime, and results can start to be seen immediately. Here at Lohi Lipo Laser, we see the best results when combined with TempSure. That’s because this combination treatment attacks all three causes of cellulite. As a result, client’s generally see a full grade reduction in their cellulite. 

Infrared Sauna

Poor lymphatic drainage is a key source of cellulite, and one of the simpler issues to address. Our lymphatic system exists to flush toxins, waste, and foreign matter from our cells and tissues. Lymphatic drainage is activated by exercise, physical manipulation (such as z-wave and massage), and through sweating. 

A variety of lifestyle factors can contribute to our lymph becoming congested over time. This includes a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and stress. Over time, toxins begin to build up in the body and our fat cells swell, thus resulting in cellulite. 

Our Sunlighten Sauna generates far-infrared heat, stimulating the body to sweat out nearly 20% of toxins. It is 7 times more effective than a traditional sauna in terms of releasing toxins through sweat. In addition, research shows infrared saunas provide a variety of additional health benefits, ranging from weight loss to pain management. 

Dry Brush

Last, but certainly not least, is dry brushing. The team here at LoHi Lipo Laser highly recommends using a coarse, natural fiber brush to stimulate lymphatic drainage, exfoliate dead skin cells, and release toxins from your pores. At less than $10.00 for this tool, it’s a low-cost risk-high reward option for those on a budget, or to combine with a more aggressive option to address frustrating cellulite. 

Next Steps

At LoHi Lipo Laser, our mission statement is to never settle. That’s why we only offer the best in class treatment options tailored to all budgets and health goals. For more information on our treatment options, or guidance on how to use the dry brush effectively, contact a member of our team to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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